Composer's Corner
In this section we shall be highlighting the talents of composers from around the globe. All composers have been either invited or requested to join Composers Corner.Thank you to all composers who allow their work to be showcased here.
Aaron Shaw  
Andrew Worrall
Angus Lawrie
Angela Middleton

Antoin Doherty
Barry Taylor
Benne De Jong
Brian Lamond
Cameron Bell
Chris Eyre
Colin Elder

Craig Gerbich
Dave Siegal
Don Bradford
Donald Lindsay

Glenn Millard
Gordon Conn

Hayley Mills

Iain MacHarg
Iain Sherwood
Jim Hudgins
Joe Massey
John Fitt
John "Stormy" Winter

Kenny MacKenzie
Neil Dickie
Patrick Towell fresh
Peter Van De Reep
Richard Tallach
Robert Grant

Stuart Calder
Stuart Robertson
Pipe Major Tam Imrie (Late)
Terry Tully
William Quinn
David Wright Tano Martone