Composer's Corner I Richard Tallach
Place of Residence: Perth, Scotland
Primary Instrument played: The Great Highland Bagpipe
Secondary Instrument: Scottish Smallpipes
Employment: I haven't been in full-time paid employment for a number of years due to ill health.
Hobbies: Reading, mainly history and theology; family history.
Education: Perth Academy, Aberdeen University
Compositions:  I hope they may give a little pleasure to some pipers and others.
Music Engraving Software: Various.Some of my tunes and arrangements were typeset using Piobmaster.
Type of Bagpipes own and use: Lawrie drones c.1930s
(ivory and nickel).Naill blackwood solo chanter with MacPhee or Harkness reeds.Wygent Synthe-Drone reeds.Shepherd Regulator bag. Practice Pipes:Hoping to get a set of bellows-blown smallpipes.
Band: None.I do a bit of tutoring individuals.
Tartan: MacKenzie of Seaforth or MacLeod of Assynt.
Major Alexander G Campbell, Royal Engineers -
Major Campbell is a friend of the composer, and is now retired from the army and living in the Antipodes
Alan F. MacRae Esq of Helmsdale - The compser's cousin, a world traveller and bon viveur from the village of Helmsdale in Sutherland
Mrs Anne Tallach - The composers mother: A tune for a merry widow
The Crags of Kinnoull - (Kinnoull Hill looks down on the City of Perth and the "road and the miles tae Dundee" - A85. It is located at the western end of the Sidlaw Hills. There is a great panorama from the top. The name "Kinnoull" comes from the Gaelic and Old Irish meaning, "Head of the Cliffs".)
Dr. David W. Wright, Perth -
General practitioner and piper.
Alan Moultrie, Drummer, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - A late friend of the composer.
Roddy Ross  -The composer's original tutor in piping, now residing near Cawdor, Nairnshire.
Donald A MacRae
The composer's uncle. 1916-2005. Shepherd. For the latter part of his life he lived in Helmsdale.

Sgt-Maj. John A.Bennett,Royal Scots -

A late acquaintance of the composer
The Big D - Donald Bingham of Inverness, a friend of the composer bon viveur and lover of fine food.
Granny Tallach's Exercise
In honour of the composer's grandmother, Ann "Nan/Annie" MacDonald Tallach nee Sinclair. 1900-2004. Housewife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and missionary to Southern Rhodesia (1925-1946). 
Michael Simpson's Reel - A friend of the composer from Munlochy in the Black Isle, now living in Almondbank, Perthshire.


Jude of Lochend

Composed  for a late friend of the composer: Donnie MacKay, piper, preacher and gamekeeper. Formerly of Suisgill in the Strath of Kildonan and latterly of Helmsdale.
Known popularly as "Tinkle."
The Suisgill Rant
This tune is named after Suisgill (pron. Sheesh-kill) in the Strath of Kildonan in Sutherland. I used to visit my friend Donnie MacKay - preacher, gamekeeper and piper - there.

Misc Arrangements 
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