Composer's Corner I Donald Lindsay
Donald Lindsay Added on 15th November 2003 (
Place of Residence: Kirkintilloch, Scotland
Primary Instrument played: Scottish Smallpipes & Voice
Secondary Instrument: Highland Pipes, Guitar, Whistles (in that order)
Occupation: Currently developing a local internet radio station in the East End of Glasgow , and also a Scottish Music internet site -  Touring this year with band 'Waterside'.
Hobbies: Minor incursions into music journalism. Composing.
Compositions: Best known & most played so far is 'All the Way to Newcastle', a border style hornpipe. Others include 'Melrose Abbey', and the song 'Duncansby Head'.
Type of Bagpipes own and use: Philip Gruar smallpipes. W Gunn Highland drones that really should be retired soon - placky 'Warnock' chanter.
Band: 'Waterside' - 2 fiddles, double bass, cittern, clarsach & me
Tartan: Ancient Lindsay
Latest: Donald's new album 'To the Drum of the Sea' out soon! On REL records in the UK & Europe, & R2 records in Canada & the UK - R2 site at  REL at , - Touring next year with band 'Waterside', and with the 'New Scottish Choir & Orchestra'.
Young Ryall Melrose Abbey Ruin