Composer's Corner I Craig Gerbich
Craig GerbichI started piping at the age off 11, at school under the instruction of Drum Major Ivan Sorrenson. I learnt most basic tunes , and was playing bagpipes within 2 years of learning the practice chanter. My first tune was called the Maori Canoe Song , and the second was Amazing Grace.

I attended Watlington intermediate, the school I learnt every Wednesday for two years, the tunes I leant included,  Maori Canoe Song (without embellishments) Amazing Grace, and the third Murdo's Wedding. I then learnt 100 Pipers and The Rowan Tree and Scotland the Brave. I played at the school break up.

I then left for high school, at age 13. I continued to go to Mr Sorenson for another 2 years until I was 15 or so, then I  started looking at bands. I looked at City Of Timaru Highland Pipe Band. I attended a few practices, and became a member. I joined the City Of Timaru in late 1999. I then played with the them at local contests etc, until 2001. I played with Timaru at the 2001 National Contest ( held in Timaru ) , where we got 3rd in grade 4.

Then I played with them for a few more months ,and decided to move to Temuka Pipe Band , who were grade 1 at this time. I joined the band , and learnt all the tunes, with help from a band tape. I played with Temuka at the 2003 National contest held in CHCH NZ , and we came 6th in grade1. , We got a 4th in the Street march , in piping. I'm currently playing with Temuka, whose current status due to lack of members is grade 2.fresh
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