Composer's Corner I Andrew Worrall
Place of Residence: Willow Grove, New Brunswick, Canada
Instruments played: The Great Highland Bagpipes, Piano, Guitar, Whislte, Percussion
Occupation: Owner of Construction Company
Hobbies: Sky Diving, Rock Climbing & Hiking
Type of Bagpipes own and use: Hendresons with Naill, Sinclair, Gibson chanter
Main Interests: The study of celtic music, learning and understanding the culture of the celts

"We must not merely learn to play the music, we must learn to love it as well"

Download Zip 01

Marc Carey's Mazada-Rotti
Furry Chanter, The
MacKinnons First Alarm

Spunky's Hornpipe
Two Step Twins
Betty Hall's Slip
Mr 430
In the Fiddlers House
Marijke Blok
Master of the Hill, The
Mispec Follies
Range Road
Return to Alba
Reach for Tomorrow




More tunes to be uploaded soon