Composer's Corner I Colin Elder
Colin ElderPlace of Residence: Limavady, County Londonderry Northern Ireland
Primary Instrument played: The Great Highland Bagpipes Also play chamber pipes occasionally
Occupation: 6 sigma black belt for an automotive electronics company in Antrim N.Ireland.
Hobbies: Music composition, Sport. (cricket and rugby) and watching Man United
Education: College certificate in Mechanical Engineering
Compositions: I have composed a fair few tunes over the years but never really kept track of them.
Music Engraving Software: Piobmaster
Type of Bagpipes own and use: I don't own any at this point as I've been out of piping for about six years, but I've just started playing again so I'll probably buy a set soon. I will look for a good set of Hendersons and if not, I'll probably buy a new set of McLouds in the short term.
Band: Started playing 16 years ago at age 18 whilst serving in the British Army. 6 years later I joined a local grade 3 band for a year before moving house forced me to look somewhere closer. Played with Tullentrain in grade 3 for a year and then became P/M of Castlerock for 3 years before packing it in due to family commitments. Kids are getting a little older now and I have more time so I've begun to play again. No affiliation at the moment, maybe in the new year or next winter. Personal circumstances will decide.
Tartan: McDonald of Clanranald Ancient
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