Composer's Corner I Stuart Calder
Stuart Calder, added 30th March 2003Place of Residence: Bedford New Hampshire, U.S.A
Primary Instrument played: The Great Highland Bagpipes
Secondary Instrument: also play piano and smallpipes
Hobbies: Piping, composing, golf, skiing and football
Info: I'm now living in Bedford New Hampshire, U.S.A just now after moving here from Dunblane, Scotland 3 years ago. I'm 16 and have been playing for just over 4 years.
Compositions: Been composing tunes for about a year and plan to have a few published soon in The Maine Colleciton.
Music Engraving Software: Bagpipe Music Writer Gold
Type of Bagpipes own and use: MacLeod's
Band: Tulach Ard Pipe Band, Grade 2 out of Boston.
Tartan: Ancient Gunn
The Officious Official
The California Chanter Cap
Pipe Major Jim Lundt
A Wee Spanish Twist
Scott's Gut Buster