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Adrian Australia John many thanks for the Moari Love Song its to play at a wedding your response was appreciated Adrian
Daryll USA I want to thank you John for finding Carrickfergus and putting it on as the Tune of the Day. You don't know how hard it has been to track down that tune. Thanks again....and continue the great work on the site.
Mark Reed USA You have thee absolute, best site for online pipe music. Piping out here in the Pacific is a bit like surfing out in the Hebrides; thanks for making our pursuit of piping a bit easier. Cheers and all the best.
Rob Canada Just discovered your website. Excellent work! I always start by reading Bio's for an insight into the site owners intentions.
All I can say is that you have an amazing inner strength that has carried you so far. I'm sure it will continue to do so, and I hope that you have close friends and relatives around you that you can count on and will help you through your setbacks.

All the best to you and your Mum for a speedy recovery. Cheers!
T. Cutcliff Tennessee, USA Thank you so much John for "Montgomerie's" Tune of the Day. What a wonderful surprise. You are amazing!! Cheers, T. Cutcliff
Tony Kelly Mitcham, London Many thanks for the tune pages. I needed a couple of tunes for today and got them here. Great site - many thanks again!
Liz canada this is a awesome piping website,keep up the good work :)
(Webmaster- Thanks Liz for leaving your comment in the guestbook, im glad you like the site)
Jim McClure Geelong. Victoria, Australia Very good site and well worth visiting Jim
Danny Canada Great site a lot of thanks for your tunes it's very helpful
Duke Virginia, USA Super site. Lot's of great tunes here and a great asset for many pipers.
(Webmaster- Thanks Duke for leaving your comment in the guestbook, im glad you like the site)
Karen-Marie Keenan Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland This is a really good website with helpful and interesting links. I will definately be on it again.
iain mcclean belfast.n.ireland super site.the composers section has some excellent tunes.some will be used by our band (hopefuly) next year.keep up the good work...iain..
mikko finland Great site, I check tune of the day /composers corner everyday.
Kathryn BC Hey there, for a tune of the day how about highland cathedral, unless you have already had that one, and I missed it, or Suogan, the welsh lulluby, with the lyrics in welsh or gaellic sp? Thanks!
Karen Aust Please come back John, we love you page and miss your updates Karen
Steve Charleston, WV,USA You are doing an excellent job with your site. I look at it almost every day. Thanks for the tune. It's the one that I had been looking for. Steve
Geoff Kinchin Taree, Australia Just found your site looks good keep up the good work!
Rod nj I got to say, great site its been very helpful to me. (Webmaster-Tune request sorted) .thanks again for running this great website
Tracy Palmyra, Pennsylvania, USA What a brilliant site! I love the downloads. As a new piper I love being able to get new music to try out.
Eric P. Flowers Hazleton, Pennsylvania USA Nice web site, and a great idea!!
John Frater   Great Site
Ian Angus Leeds, UK Excellent. Not been through all pages yet but great so far
Tony Kelly London Great Site - many thanks for the daily tunes.
Gordon Conn Canada thx very much john for putting my tune up as tune of the day, it meant a lot
Don G Florida, USA John, hope your feeling better after the car accident. The site is getting better everyday. Keep up your outstanding work. Don
Tony Kelly
Mitcham, London Received the tunes - many thanks once again. Still the best piping site going. Cheers, Tony
Mark Brisbane , Australia Hi John,
Congrats. on maintaining this great site
Hope this note finds you well
Rgds. from Oz
Jenni B USA......I travel......a month here, 3 months there I've enjoyed your site immensely the past few months and each "tune of the day" is like opening a present.
I miss the "CD's" that you used to put up....those were fantastic. I can't find anything in the site about how to become a member....what does it take and what are your rules?
Thanks. Jenni B.
Sprow, Michael Hayfork, Ca. I'm working the DOD in Iraq at this time. Looking forward to going through your site...thanks
Russell australia brisbane hi there like the site alot a big collection of tunes.
Joe Baker NYC Nice site! I try to get over here at least once a week, but I think I'll try to visit a little more often! Thanx for all the work youse guys put into this site ...... it IS appreciated.
Kathryn BC canada! Hey, john great new site, very clean and easy to navigate, looking forward to all the features, congratulations!
jenni Montana, USA GREAT change and I love your new look. Jenni
Mark Krahe Brisbane Australia Big thank you for TOD Morag Duncan. Couldn't believe how quickly it came up. Love your new set up for Celticfringe, - well done. All the very best Regards Mark
Craig New Zealand Great web site! Keep up the great work!
owen d.nash manchester Hi John, I thought I had surfed onto the wrong web site, the other day.Well done the new site looks great and will be even better once everything is up and running. Owen D.Nash.
ladypiper47 Canada The new site looks terrific. I took me a while to find the TOD but now seems fine.
Jacky Bretagne, France Ce site est merveilleux ! On trouve toutes (ou presque) les partitions jouables à la cornemuse... Merci, et continuez!

This site is marvellous! One finds all (or almost) the playable parts on the bagpipe... Thank you, and continue!
Alan Andrews Eastbourne, East Sussex, England Hello, great site, very useful. I would like to see some answers & question pages especially for new pipers that will help them,
very best wishes
Alan Andrews
Eastbourne Scottish Pipe Band
Mark Woolley Germany Hi John, your new site looks great, well done
Jeff Anderson Ettrick, VA USA The live video cam on your site is amazing!! Technology is fascinating! This is truly a splendid idea.
Gary Fessler USA Great to be able to download tunes for the Xmas season. Thanks! Happy Holiday.
Liz USA Useful webpage, thanks bunches!
Jill Mackay   I am wondering if anyone has heard of the song "Working Man" (a Cape Breton mining ballad sung by Rita Mcneil) adapted for the pipes?
Mike Wales Hi Am looking for the tune 'Such a wife as willie had' - it was played at the tattoo this year - any help much appreciated Thanks
Vancouver isle, bc Canada awesome, awesome, work john, I love it, keep up the great work and good luck to you, gord
William Shaw
Blantyre - Scotland Great site. I am going to try some of the tunes I downloaded this evening. Plenty of information about what is going on. This is the first time I have been to this site...
Kevin Underwood
nelson, b.c. Canada I saw your message to re-sign your guest book,. I have been coming back to your site on a daily basis for some time. I would also like to thank all the contributors to the composer's site. Some of those tunes are fabulous. Keep up the great work.
Gary McElvogue
Northern Ireland John
you've been a great help in sending me tunes to aid my re-entry into piping after many years away. Much appreciated.
Mark Krahe
Brisbane Australia Hi John -
Still loving your site - keep up the great work. Looking for a couple of tunes if you could help I would appreciate.
Braes of Sutherland
- 1999 Tattoo

Hope things are looking up for you
Regards from Oz.
Glenn Watts
Phelps Great Site. Will keep in touch. You wouldn't have heard of the tune The Winter Waltz by RA Crabtree
Jay Murray
Pa. USA John,
A great web site. I am looking for a pipe setting for an old Irish tune. "Broad Black Brimmer"
Thanks & God Bless Jay
Steve Duncan
Delaware, USA Great site. Great Downloads. From just a few e-mails with John, he has re-affirmed that the Piping Community as a whole are the greatest bunch of people around.
03/21/05 17:00:04 GMT
Aberdeen Hey Great site! really helpful! cheers
Giovanni Santillo
03/30/05 09:42:08 GMT
Italy Hi John,
I like the new site very much, congrats!
I'm asking for a few TODs,
The Jewels of the Ocean / Seudan A Chuain (waltz)
Kevin Underwood
16th March 05
nelson, b.c. Canada Hello there:
Love the web sight. Have been coming back on a daily basis for about 8 months now. Keep it up.
I am looking for those tunes from the St Laurence O'Toole medley
Colonel Lathan's Fancy
Sean Cahill
 Arizona I would like to request Highland Laddie as a hornpipe if possible. Thanks-Sean
Giovanni Santillo
Italy Here I come again: my request for "The Hills of Alva", heard on the royal Canadian Regiment LP of the Seventies: lively 2/4 or polka. Thanks John and all who could help. Greetings from Italy
Hampshire My sis Lynn gave me the website details and it is a very good site. Keep up the good work All the best Mo (another drummer)
Ephraim eytan
Israel I am happy to look in once a day for the tune of the day. I've found a lot that don't seem to appear elsewhere. However, haven't been able to find the music to King George IV's Strathspey and am still looking for it.
Bob Driscoll
Saint Charles, MO USA Great website. Thank you for all you have done for piping. Be back soon. Bob
Dave Stapleton
  Can anyone help please? I am looking for information about a piece of music played on the Pipes and Drums called "The Heroes of Wickenby" composed by DB MacCutcheon. It is included on an album called "Amazing Grace" by the Beeston Pipe and Drum Band but a contact for the band cannot help. I am wondering if there is a connection to RAF Wickenby where two Lancaster Squadrons were based during WWII. If you have any info please get in touch. Thank You.
Paul Fox
Paisley ,Scotland Great site Really enjoyable keep it going
Canada I enjoy your website. My teacher told me about it and I visit it regularly. Some of the tunes are beyond me but there are a lot I can play even if it is slowly at first. Keep up the good work.
Jeremy Kingsbury
Northern Minnesota Outstanding collection of Piobreachead in .bmw format. Really appreciate it, I've been looking for music to Lament for the Children for a long time, and although the Kilberry book is probably in my near future, it's nice to have something to cut off the cravings. :) Great site, thanks a bunch.
Canada I enjoy your website. My teacher told me about it and I visit it regularly. Some of the tunes are beyond me but there are a lot I can play even if it is slowly at first. Keep up the good work.
Rick Nigg
Alberta, Canada I am looking for the Piobaireachd "Too long in this condition" Can anyone help me ? Rick
John Johnston
Glasgow, Scotland I am returning to piping after a long absence - a lot has changed
Owen D. Nash.
USA @ the moment Hi John,
Just a quick note, we're on holiday in San Diego at the moment, I heard the sad news about Gordon Duncan last Wednesday, sadly we will still be here at the time of the funeral, so , could you pass on our condolences to Gordons family and friends, like you we would have attended the funeral had we still been in the UK. I will speak with you when we return in January.
Pauline and Owen Nash.
Boston, Ma, USA Just found your site and wondering if you can help? I'm looking for the tune "Our Lady of Knock" written for the pipes
Christy Mettelson
Switzerland Ich find die Seite echt klasse. Sehr informativ und übersichtlich.
I find the side really first-class. Very informative and clear.
Clann An Drumma
Glasgow, Scotland Awrite we are performing at the championships in Dumbarton on the 20th May 06! Hiv a wee browse at oor website and yae kin see wit is gonna hit Dumbarton! BTW your website is!!! Slainte fae Tu-Bardh Wilson. Keepin' It Tribal! ******************
Perth Keep up the good work John. It must be quite an effort sometimes.
Bob Driscoll
St Louis Excellent website. Thank you for everything you do for piping. Bob Visit Me
Canada John:I just want to say you are a great promoter of the art of "Piping" you have had more than a tough time of it,wishing you all the best. God Bless Lachlan
Marc Pehkonen
Salt Lake City, Utah I really like this site and have been using it for a couple of years now. Certain competition tunes are only available here for download to the best of my knowledge, so thank you!
Although I live in the U.S. I am from Gloucestershire originally and my mother was born in Leicester, so we have a connection there. One small question: Will the piobaireachd links all be working soon? I am keen to get the music for Lament for the Harp Tree, but I get a 404 right now. Thanks, and keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.
Marc Pehkonen
Co.Durham. U.K I want to thank you very much for the Tune. Which I had been searching all over the web for) Which you delivered to my e.mail box. very quickly. The Tune was Oran Mor Mhicleoid, which I had only heard sung. Thank's again and good luck with what you are doing Derek
Bert Shutler
Brighton, Ontario Great site you have here..have added your link to our favorites cheers bert the webby
Colin Marlow
Leicstershire I was told about your site by the chef in my local pub who used to play in the Beeston pipe band and knew one of your members. A great site with loads of usefull info for someone like myself who just plays (badly) for fun. Thanks.
Pat Collins
Near Skegness Lincs UK Nice interesting site. I miss the pipe Bands more than ever. Best wishes.Pat Collins .Ex Bass Drummer and QM .City of Leicester Pipe Band for about 8 years in the 80s.
Stefan Mercieca
Malta (Europe) excellent site keep it up!! Stefan Mercieca (The Maltese Piper)
Inverness, Scotland Hi there John. I received a link from Dave Conner - our pipe band secretary which directed me to the wee story you have about my wedding day on your web site and my composition of 'Norman MacRae's Farewell to Freedom'. Its amazing to think that my tune has travelled around the world. My husband was very surprised on the day and I was so glad I composed the tune. Hard to believe it was 2 and half years ago now. Thank you for interest. Angela MacRae
Mags Saunders
Ireland Congratulations of a fantastic site! Mags
jim huffman
Charlotte, North Carolina Great site. I actually was looking to see if you could send a copy of the Last of the Mohicans as I saw you sent to someone else from viperpiper. If you can, great. I looks as if you have a great thing going. Take care and thanks! Jim
Visit Me
Pete Felton
Australia Hi there I noticed on Viper Piper you were able to help with a BWW for The Braes of Locheil? Could you please help me with this or perhaps point me in the right direction? With best wishes Pete Felton City of Blacktown Pipe Band
Germany hi john. many thanks for your help with the tunes, i appreciate that. excellent work on your website. stay on & all the best from germany. regards, alex.
New York Thanks so much for posting the Christmas Tunes! Found many that I've been searching for all on your Site. Happy Holidays! All the Best, Victor
Tommy C. Nielsen
Denmark Your link for MAP 2010 doesn't work
Bill Russell
Co. Durham Can you get The Fields of Athenry music for the bagpipes
Iain Jackson
A very interesting website, keep on piping!!
Donald Grant
Australia no comment left
Lithgow Australia loved hearing you playing the pipes I had a friend with Epstein Barr and it took most of his personality...was a shame really he was the funniest guy .. take care mate "keep on piping" Kathy
Bob Raymond
Rochester, Washington State, USA I just tripped over this site looking for piobreachead. I've played in Grade 3 & 4 bands for about 20 years, got started piping late in life (over 40), and am just looking to expand my experience. A great site. Thank you.
Donald Grant
Australia no comment left
Neilston & District Pipe Band Great site. Just surprised that I didn't stumble upon it a long time ago.