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bmw Old Sword, Lament for the
bmw Children, Lament for the
bmw Glengarry's Lament
bmw His Father's Lament for Donald MacKenzie
bmw Mackintosh's Lament
bmw Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament
bmw Little Supper, Lament for the  (K)
bmw Captain MacDougall, Lament for (K)
bmw Corrienessan's Salute
bmw Corrienessan's Salute (long)
bmw Lady Doyle's Salute
bmw Melbanks Salute
bmw Prince's Salute, The
bmw Cluny MacPherson's Salute
bmw Young Laird of Dungallonís Salute, The
bmw The Unjust Incarceration (K)
bmw The Bells of Perth
bmw Massacre of Glencoe (Angus MacKay setting)
bmw MacKays Short Tune
bmw Lament for the Harp Tree

bmw The Big Spree
bmw The King's Taxes
bmw Black Donald's March
bmw Pride of Barra, The (Spaidsearachd Bharraidh)
bmw Boat Tune, The (Port a 'Bhata)
bmw March for a Beginner