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Musical Appreciation and Presentation (MAP) competition format

The RSPBA is introducing a new Musical Appreciation and Presentation (MAP) competition format in 2006 at Major Championships for Grade 4 and Novice Juvenile pipe bands. To assist bands in preparing for the new competition format a self-development educational programme has been created by the RSPBA’s Academy of Pipe Band Musicianship.

Starting in 2007 MAP tunes were introduced as the playing requirements at championships for Grades Novice, 4A and 4B. Grades Novice and 4B should choose 4 Marches from the tune list below.

Please note for tunes showing more than 2 parts, the requirement is the first 2 parts only.

The required “Style and Interpretation” will continue to be “Spirited and Lively” (i.e. “rhythmic and expressive with clarity of execution and good musical effect”).

From the 2010 season the requirements for Grade 4A will change at the major championships to a March, Strathspey and Reel format. Grade 4A bands should note that each tune should comprise of only 2 parts.

Grade 4A bands should select 2 of the Marches below and 1 Strathspey and 1 Reel below.

Requirements for the Final will be unchanged – i.e. 2 minutes 45 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds of Quick March Rhythm – and any MAP tunes played in the Heats can also be played in the Final. This gives Bands the opportunity to take MAP tunes into their main selection thus enhancing the skills already attained/practiced.

It is emphasised that the tunes are not test pieces and, therefore, bands may customise the music by adding or deleting embellishments as they see as appropriate to suit their ability. Bands are strongly recommended to refer to the guidance offered in “The Language of Music” provided with the original MAP pack.

Download Tunes

2/4 Marches - 2 parts

  1. Australian Ladies (Added 2008)
  2. Greenwood Side (Added 2007)
  3. Jenny’s Bawbee (Added 2007)
  4. Men of Argyll (Added 2008)
  5. Mhari Bhan (Added 2007)
  6. Teribus (Added 2007)
  7. The Drunken Piper (Added 2007)
  8. The Pipers Cave (Added 2008)




  1. Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle
  2. Corriecholies’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting


Strathspeys - 2 parts

  1. Aspen Bank (Added 2009)
  2. Captain Horne (Added 2009)
  3. Colonel MacLeod (Added 2009)
  4. Dalnahassaig (Added 2009)
  5. J F MacKenzie (Added 2009)
  6. Marquis of Huntly (Added 2009)
  7. Molly Connell (Added 2009)
  8. Munlochy Bridge (Added 2009)
  9. Orange and Blue (Added 2009)
  10. Seonaidh's Tune (Added 2009)
  11. The Inverness Rant (Added 2009)
  12. The Keel Row (Added 2009)

Reels - 2 parts

  1. Circassion Circle (Added 2009)
  2. Colonel MacLeod (Added 2009)
  3. East Wood Cottage (Added 2009)
  4. Famous Ballymote (Added 2009)
  5. Jock Wilson's Ball (Added 2009)
  6. Lord James Murray (Added 2009)
  7. Marion and Donald (Added 2009)
  8. Miss Girdle (Added 2009)
  9. Molly on the Shore (Added 2009)
  10. Piper of Drummond (Added 2009)
  11. Sleepy Maggie (Added 2009)
  12. Tail Toddle (Added 2009)
  13. The Ale is Dear (Added 2009)
  14. The Fairy Dance (Added 2009)
  15. The Silver Spear (Added 2009)
  16. Willie Murray (Added 2009)


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